In 1994 Boese Engineering began operation as PW(Plymouth Works) Dash in Sacramento California, by its then sole proprietor Donna Boese. PW Dash at the time specialized in Mopar billet aluminum parts on a single Bridgeport Explorer 1 CNC mill. Just one year later she found she needed help and that help came from her nephew Dean Conner and Conner's Specialty Auto Parts was formed and began operating out of Marysville Washington. With it came the expansion into Chevy and Ford car and truck parts, as well as our first ads showcasing some of OUR earliest designs.

Our favorite however, would be the ones where you, the hotrod enthusiast chose to go with a quality product and displayed us with the rest of the hard work and hard earned $$$ that go into your projects.)

Seeing the need to unify both ends of the business Donna moved to Marysville Washington in 2000 where her and Dean formed Boese Engineering. With the addition of many new products and a new mill (Supermaxx Maxx 1 Rebel) it was time to bring in a couple new hands and Dean's nephew Kevin Parshall was brought in to take on some of the design and cutting of the products adding a third generation to the family owned and operated business.

The location, however, was just not right for the business so to our current home in Tempe, Arizona we moved to and have operated from for the past 7 years. In that time we have seen many new additions to our product line as well as the most recent new face, Dean's brother, Kenneth Conner to handle all the Web and IT work as well as helping out with sales and marketing(and whatever else they decide to make me do). Though sadly, all things must die. So did the supermaxx. Which was swiftly replaced with our latest edition to the team, the Mazak Nexus 430B II. We like it. By far our fastest worker.


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